Saturday, July 11, 2015

Download Flash Alerts 2

Now a days most of the people use smart phone like android, Iphone. The smart user use their phone for various purpose at various place, Most the smart phone user's are employ or students, Due to job or sturdy at class smart user keep their phone silent. For this reason they can't understand what is going on in their smart phone, like incoming call, SMS, email, social media notification and so on. For this reason android developer "MEGAWAVE" develop a smart apps called "FLASH ALART 2". This apps help you to understand that you have a text message or incoming or email etc. This apps is so cool and smart. You can select your apps for flash alart. you can also customise you flash per second. So download this apps in you phone and be smart with your smart phone.

Apps Info :

Apps name : Flash Alerts 2
Apps Size : 1.5 MB
Apps developer : MegaWave
Current Version :  2.1.4


Thursday, June 25, 2015

SMS backup and Restore APK

Most of the android user wants to keep a backup of their phone, especially SMS. Today I am sharing free android apps, which will help you to keep you SMS backup. This apps is really so simple and easy. You can keep your backup in three special format – HTML,TEXT,CSV. You can save this file in your laptop/desktop or in your mobile. You can also restore you backup in your phone. The facility of this apps is – you can keep your SMS Backup,Restore,Search,Insert,Export,Import,Delete. For running these apps you don’t need any internet connection. Just download This apps in your mobile, install it and enjoy.