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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Download Flash Alerts 2

Now a days most of the people use smart phone like android, Iphone. The smart user use their phone for various purpose at various place, Most the smart phone user's are employ or students, Due to job or sturdy at class smart user keep their phone silent. For this reason they can't understand what is going on in their smart phone, like incoming call, SMS, email, social media notification and so on. For this reason android developer "MEGAWAVE" develop a smart apps called "FLASH ALART 2". This apps help you to understand that you have a text message or incoming or email etc. This apps is so cool and smart. You can select your apps for flash alart. you can also customise you flash per second. So download this apps in you phone and be smart with your smart phone.

Apps Info :

Apps name : Flash Alerts 2
Apps Size : 1.5 MB
Apps developer : MegaWave
Current Version :  2.1.4


Thursday, June 25, 2015

SMS backup and Restore APK

Most of the android user wants to keep a backup of their phone, especially SMS. Today I am sharing free android apps, which will help you to keep you SMS backup. This apps is really so simple and easy. You can keep your backup in three special format – HTML,TEXT,CSV. You can save this file in your laptop/desktop or in your mobile. You can also restore you backup in your phone. The facility of this apps is – you can keep your SMS Backup,Restore,Search,Insert,Export,Import,Delete. For running these apps you don’t need any internet connection. Just download This apps in your mobile, install it and enjoy.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

check your android after root

Dear friends, to day I am going to show you how to check you android after root. This is so simple. After finished your rooting process, download this APK file. Install it in your android device and check your root is correctly done or not.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Unlock Your Android Mobile only with your BLOW !!!!

Dear Friend after log time I am back with a new and nice android apps. This apps is so funny. By this apps you can unlock your device only "BLOW". This is a micro max canvas-4 apps. So download it install at your android device and BLOW for unlock.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Download Android Free Application From Google Play Store

Dear friends, After long time today I am going to share you a tips, how to download free android application from google play store directly. In this tips you can only download free android. Some people use software for download android application and some people use website for download android application. I use and suggest all of my friend to use the website for download android application, because it is an easy way to download you particular application which you want. But in software you need to submit your android device ID. This is a long term and boring process.

1st of all click here to go to the website.

2nd search the application at google play store and copy the link from google play store (Which application you wants to download )

3rd after copy the link go to the application downloader website and paste the link or URL to the blank box, like the picture bellow and click on GENERATE THE DOWNLOAD LINK button.

4th after click on the Generate  button you will see a download button, like the picture bellow.

Now click on the button and your download will start automatic. So enjoy the android application download and be happy.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lock your apps with AppLocker

Now a days android is the most popular OS. We use lot of apps in our android device. To day I am going to share a apps with you. By this apps you can lock your android apps easily. So that your friends, girl friend , parent can't open your android device apps. You can also lock your selected pictures. In this apps you can change your password theme. It is so easy to use.

Info :

Updated : November 29, 2013 
File Size : 2.0M
Current Version : 1.98.1
Requires Android : 2.2 and up

Short Screen :

Friday, November 8, 2013

Recode your phone voice call with Automatic Call Recorder

Now a days we are so busy in our work, beside the work we receive or make a call to various people. In this call we make or receive some important call. We talk lot of things in this call, but after we forget what we say in this call. So for this solution I give you a special apps for your android device, which will help you to recode incoming and outgoing call all time. This apps is totally free for android user.

Details :

Apps Name : Automatic Call Recorder
Updated : 4 August, 2013
File Size : 1.6 MB
Current Version : 3.53
Requires Android : 2.1 and up

By this apps you can save your special record in save box. You can play ,share your record any time and any where. You can turn on automatic and manual call record from settings. So I think this apps will help you.

Short screen :


(Wait 5 second, Skip the add  )

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Download $1.99 Sidebar Pro Apps Free

Android is a most popular OS. People who use android device try to use short cut menu for easily access the apps. For this reason android apps developer create a apps, which name is Sidebar Pro.
This apps will help you to easily access the other android apps. You can easily add or remove apps icons in this sidebar. This sidebar is not show in your home screen, When you slide your finger on the home screen then it will come and you can see this sidebar. You can change settings of this sidebar. I hope all of you will like this apps.

Details : 

Apps Name : Sidebar Pro
Current Version : 4.4.0
Updated : 16 October, 2013
File Size : 781 KB
Requires Android : 2.1 and Up

Short screen : 


(Need $1.99)


Download Sticky Note for your android device

Sticky Note is a nice apps for android device. This apps will help you to save a note in your android device, and this note will show at your mobile home display. So you will can see your note quickly, and you will edit your note quickly, you can also change your note colour easily. Download the Sticky note, install it at your android device and save your important note quickly.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Download Kal Scientific calculator v1.18 for android

Now a days most people use mobile phone. Some people use normal mobile phone some use smart phone and now a days most smart phone is android OS phone. The most smart phone user is student and employer, so this smart phone user need a calculator any time. All phone have a calculator but this calculator is not enough for all calculation. For most critical mathematics people need Scientific calculator. So friends to day I am going to share a Scientific Calculator for your smart android phone.In this calculator you can also see your previous calculation history.  Here I upload some short screen for your help

Description :
Scientific calculator with all functions, easy to use, includes a screen to type the characters unlimited transactions, use parentheses and hierarchy in the operations and functions, the result is displayed on the second line of the display. Ability to modify or correct an operation.
Kal Scientific calculator Features :

# Allows function graphs
# New functionality (FML), 100 built-in formulas
# Typical operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide).
# Functions powers (nth power, nth root, squaring, square root, cube root)
# Functions logarithmic (log10, ln, powers of 10, exp)
# Trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan, including inverse and hyperbolic)
# Three angle modes (DEG, RAD, GRA)
# Random number generator
# PI
# Permutations (nPr) and combinations (nCr)
# Absolute value, factorial.
# Allows numbers in scientific notation.
# Includes major scientific constants.
# Basic operations and converting number systems (decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary)
# Set decimal number.
# History of the last 10 operations and results.
# Memory storage result

Download :